Friday, November 2, 2012


I found a great site for a one-time CCNA practice test today. I say one-time because it does not dynamically generate new questions, content, or pull from a pool of questions. I scored a "Barely Pass" which ended up being an 80% (roughly). I was very pleased with this as I'm going the ICND1 + 2 route, and this was a composite test.
Most of my missed questions seemed to be on some protocol (OSPF) or topics I haven't gone in to yet (ACLs, Frame-Relay). I had done a decent amount of studying on OSPF a couple weeks ago and thought I had a decent grip on it. Apparently I need some clarification as I missed a good 4-5 questions on OSPF alone.
That being said, I'm fairly confident ICND1 is just about within striking range. It's time to nail down my commands, re-read my "CCNA Fast Pass" book by Todd Lammle, and schedule my study cram weekend and test date.

My one concern is that Halo 4 comes out on Tuesday. That's just 3 short days away. I'm going to buckle down this weekend and try to get some serious studying hours in to make up for the time I will likely miss playing Halo 4 on it's launch week and weekend. If I was living on my own this would be a HUGE distraction. Thankfully my wife is spectacular at keeping me on task and away from excessive 'binge-gaming' so I just might be able to schedule a test for mid November.

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