Friday, November 30, 2012

Test Scheduled

Scheduled ICND1 for 12/10. I've created a study schedule that I've been following. My review of all the ICND1 topics will be completed Mid next week. At which point I get a nice relaxing Thursday followed by a long/intensive weekend. I'll be reviewing topics and doing practice tests friday night and saturday morning. Saturday afternoon will be labbing, subnetting, and troubleshooting. Sunday will be a general overview of any topics that I'm still not sure about.
I had originally scheduled the test for 12/3 but after writing out a study plan decided things would work far better with the extra week to prepare.
After I pass the test I'll dive right in to ICND2 content. I studied through Todd Lammles full CCNA book and already have a good grasp of the content. If everything goes to plan I'll be a full-blown CCNA by mid January.

From there I have some decisions to make. I'm very interested in the Security aspect of Networking so I may pursue my CCNA Security next. I know my first CCNP step will be R&S as I believe it is a good basis to have.

Keep an eye out for updates after I take the test. I'll put my impressions, challenges, and any other thoughts then!

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